Digital Marketing might feel like a scary term for you as a business owner. After all, you’re giving hundreds and hundreds of dollars to these HUGE media giants that you can’t even get on the phone with. And then you expect them to run your ads for you? I mean it’s not like you can just open the newspaper and see your ad right there in front of you. There is nothing Tangible about Digital Marketing…..or so you think.

Someone holding a Tangible object

Ahhhh now that’s much better. A good old fashion Apple. Something solid and pure that you know for a FACT you exchanged money for and got SOMETHING in return.

This leads us to our first Myth about Digital Marketing.

1. You can’t easily prove results.

You will never be criticized by someone doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less

That’s a famous quote for a reason. Usually not the first question I hear when my agency welcomes a new client, but it’s 100% something that’s on the back of EVERY business owner’s mind. “How the fuck are you going to prove that this Digital Marketing stuff actually works?”

And you have every right to feel that way. I mean, come on, you didn’t grow up on the Internet and have an iPhone, so this is all new to you. But, here’s my question to you. How are you currently tracking your marketing? The. majority of business owners either don’t have a way or didn’t think of it. Do you know how many people called you from a Newspaper Ad? Not just “How did you hear about us?” because half the time its not being asked.

Now watch how simple it is to prove Digital Marketing.

Jessica is scrolling through Facebook and spots your Ad. She clicks on the Ad and it takes her to your website where she can shop around for that shirt that she just saw on Facebook. Once she finishes purchasing that shirt, you will see in your Ad Report that you spent $10 to acquire that customer, and it gave you a $75 Return on your Investment.

That’s Digital Tracking. That’s how Digital Marketing is different.

2. Everyone can see my posts already

Another great Myth of Digital Marketing. Yes, to some degree when social media platforms are young, like the first few years, the majorly of your audience will be able to see your posts. But remember something, odds are you didn’t join from day 1. Nowadays, you’re lucky if your Facebook post reaches 2-3% of your audience.

Do you understand that Facebook’s business is all about making money on advertisements? That’s their BUSINESS.

This shouldn’t discourage you from posting content. You have fans and they follow you for a reason. Just be mindful of what you’re expecting from that post. If it’s just an update to your hours, that’s fine. If you’re looking to get new customers, you may want to consider advertising.

3. You need a lot of money to start

Absolutely false. Facebook’s cost per 1,000 impressions is $10 (as of 2021). This means that for a $100 Ad, this is how this compares to a newspaper ad.

In a newspaper, even if it only cost $100 to reach 10,000 people you are going to get 10,000 RANDOM people (it actually costs $25). Not targeted, no age range. This means that if your Ad is specific to 25-35 year olds (who haven’t picked up a newspaper since they were 10 years old reading the comics), then you are most likely throwing your money away.

Let’s compare that to Facebook (who owns Instagram). So you want to target 25-35 year olds huh? News flash, they LIVE on Instagram and parts of Facebook. Now for $100, we get the same 10,000 people to be fair, but this time, these are TARGETED users. What does that mean? That means that if this is an advertisement for New York Yankees merchandise, you can literally target “New York Yankees Fans” on Facebook and Instagram between the ages 25-35.

How exactly does this relate to the topic at hand? Well, if you were willing and able to spend $250 to reach your audience through a means that does NOT allow you to specially target your audience, why not spend half that and actually reach the people you want to reach?

4. More people see my video on TV

This is the best.

Yes, it is true that millions of people watch TV still. Ready for the hard facts?

DVR recordings are counted towards Nielsen views. This means that the people that recorded your commercial are going to speed right past it when the watch their episode later. The other half of those ratings are probably going to be sleeping right through your commercial that you are PAYING FOR.

When it comes to Digital, you pay for eyeballs. Someone has to see your ad come up on their feed in order for you to be charged an impression. The best part is, you know exactly who viewed X amount of seconds of your video, and can retarget those people to close the deal and lead them down your funnel.

5. My customer base isn’t on Social Media

Social Media consists of dozens and dozens of platforms. Every platform has a specific age range and it shifts little by little. Granted 65 year olds aren’t SnapChatting, but you bet your ass they are on Facebook.

Back when Sal The Voice won AGT, my agency had the honor of being his agency for Social Media Management. We doubled his audience and sold out more venues through Facebook than any other platform. We had no clue that Facebook was that powerful until we took that chance. After all we have parents that are on the platform and figured the median age was shifting.

Here’s a great age range that you can use for your business.

Facebook: 35-75
TikTok: 15-35
Instagram: 25-45
LinkedIn: 40-60
Pinterest: 25-45
SnapChat: 15-25

6. I don’t have content to make for these platforms

Wait, you don’t want to dance on TikTok?? Fine, you win, you can’t use Digital Marketing for your business. Good luck!

That’s not how this works….

TikTok started off as a dance app, and just a few months ago I created a 30 second video on the platform that honored HealthCare Heroes, and it gained over 180,000 views in a matter of 1 week. No dancing necessary.

The majority of content that I personally put out is information related, and you’d be surprised just how CURIOUS humans are. I mean I stumble upon videos called “satisfaction videos” of a tennis ball being squished in a crushing machine, and it has millions and millions of views.

If you are having trouble coming up with content to post about, this will help.


Last but not least. After running Facebook ads for 1 month, they simply do not WORK.

Let’s start at the top. First of all, what kind of advertisement did you do? Did you hit the boost button on a post, or did you actually run a full Facebook Ad soup to nuts.

What’s the difference? A boost on Facebook is simply a few clicks and you can literally boost your post so that more people can see it. There’s no real in depth interest targeting as deep as Facebook Ads goes, and more experimental techniques such as AB testing are unavailable as well (as of this articles posting date).

Once you’ve figured out if you ran a true Facebook Ad, lets dive into what the goal was of the ad. If the overall goal was to get more people inside of your business, but you set the goal to engagement, then you will get those 1,000 likes and look all fancy, but you might not get any visitors into your business because the end goal wasn’t to contact your business or fill out a form.

So before you judge the platform, make sure you’re using it the right way first.

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