What is an Alexa Skill, anyway?

I’m sure you’ve seen one of these around, if you don’t already have an Amazon Echo device. Basically, it’s an in home assistant that lives in the home of your customer that allows them to do things like shut the lights off, remind them of things, order food, and get information as quickly as possible.

So why not use this device to scale your brand?

The television lives inside of your customers home and that was the single most effective tool for advertising, but those days are over. The days of audio and a voice are here and it’s easier than ever to create an experience that resonates with your customers. Here are a few examples of how Alexa Skills could be used in real life scenarios.

2.) Restaurant Events/Venue Events

*This section was written before COVID-19, so this will be more relevant once things get back to normal, but still good to present here.

When selling tickets to an event, you try to show your audience the experience of being there as a teaser to actually experiencing it in person. An Alexa Skill allows you to showcase your upcoming events, with a simpleAlexa, show me upcoming eventsas well as to allow your audience to see for themselves what they could be experiencing for a particular event with a simple “Alexa, show me what Latin Night looks like”.

Now your audience is not only receiving information, they are now interacting with it. Interaction leads to metrics, and metrics lead to a better understanding of your customers, which allows your business to run even smoother.

1.) Restaurant Menu

This is an easy one. You can start with your menu. The trick to this is to take advantage of the beautiful displays on these Echo devices. Once you have professional pictures that you can showcase, now your skill becomes an interactive menu where your customers can learn about the background of each dish and the inspiration that went into it. This helps to contribute to the story of your brand. After all, that’s the ultimate goal.

This helps to contribute to the story of your brand

3.) Restaurant Ordering

Now I know what your thinking, everyone is on Grubhub or DoorDash so why would I need this skill? The issue is that you are at the mercy of these services, and you don’t know what their business model is. Tomorrow, these companies can turn around and say that you have to pay a premium to show up in search results over your competition. With your own, branded Alexa Skill, you are at the mercy of no one. You are in complete control over everything and if there needs to be something specific for your business model, you can control that yourself.

With audio footprints, your brand will be what people remember, not these giant services.

4.) Weekly Special Announcements

Voice Posting will become a trend in the months to come as businesses are becoming more consumer centric with micro content. Using the Be Heard platform, Restaurants are now capable of scheduling and sending micro content such as weekly specials, or just generic updates to their customers to keep the 1 on 1 connection going strong. Since COVID-19, brands needs to think of smarter ways to stay connected to their costumers and tell their story, since the in person interaction are now at a minimum, and in some cases, non existent.

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